We also do fundraisers on campus to support our national philanthropies, as well as fundraisers to help the people in our local community.  Last semester, our spring pledge class planned and executed a fundraiser to help the Mingo Junction Social Services.


 The House That Theta Phi Alpha Built is another one of our national philanthropies.  "The House That Theta Phi Alpha Built is Theta Phi Alpha's newest philanthropic cause, established in 1993. The common goal through The House is to improve the plight of the homeless in any way. The chapter can seek to provide assistance to organizations that help the homeless, shelters, home building or neighborhood revitalization projects. This goal permits all Theta Phi Alphas to help those in need in their own community, while remaining united in our aim and purpose." (


LAMP, or Lay Apostolic Ministry to the Poor is our local Chapter philanthropy.  We go to Holy Name Cathedral, in downtown Steubenville and work with the Franciscan TOR Sisters to serve the poor meals, play with the children, and help assist the sisters in Catechetical sessions.


 Glenmary Home Missioners is one of our national philanthropies. "Glenmary's work is in depressed rural areas of the United States, primarily in the Appalachian Mountains, where they distribute food, clothing, and books to needy persons, and assist in providing medical care, job training and tutoring." (



 Camp Friendship is another cause that Theta Phi Alpha supports.  We donate arts and crafts items, and childrens clothing and swimsuits.  We also give monetary donations to help the camp purchase items that they most need for the children who attend.

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